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COVID 19 precautions

For the safety of our clients and contractors, we arrive to every assignment with a mask on and disinfect after each cleaning. With respect, we ask that clients stay 6 feet away from our cleaners upon communication and that clients either leave the area or the property in order for our cleaners to remove their masks throughout performance of a cleaning assignment in order for them breathe while working. This is a field of hard labor and our cleaners must work under the best conditions possible to ensure that the service is completed properly. For any questions or concerns, please call us or email

Insurance and claims

We are insured and bonded. Our cleaners are well trained and experienced contractors who take their work seriously. If there are any suspected damage or property removal, you must contact us at with proof of damages and any footage you are able to provide, if possible. It is the customer's responsibility for protecting any items that you feel may need to be out of reach or could be at risk of damage, prior to your cleaner's arrival. Failure to provide any proof of missing or damaged items will result in further investigation before a claim is processed.


All deposits are required to be paid before your initial service begins. If deposit is not paid at least 24 hours before your scheduled service date, then your appointment will be canceled. Deposits are used for security purposes and cancelations. All other canceled appointments following your initial service will be a $25 fee if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance. All deposits and fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Clear Cut Cincinnati uses ecofriendly products and is responsible for bringing all products, except for brooms, mops, and vacuums. If none of these tools are available in the home, we will provide these tools specifically for your home with a receipt for reimbursement. Most of our cleaners arrive to your home in their vehicles with limited space for vacuums and mops and this makes it easier for them to complete the assignment. We use Method products, Swiffer dusters, Pledge furniture polish, Bar Keeper's Friend, Clorox, Bona Products, Dawn, and Microfiber cloths. If you wish for us to use any other products, you are responsible for providing those specific products.


Client will reimburse the Business for reasonable expenses incurred by the Business in the provision of services under this Contract. Parking and towing fees are included.

Payments and fees

All service payments must be sent directly to Clear Cut Cincinnati the day of your service completion if you are not a member. We accept Credit or Debit Card payments, checks, or Invoice payments. All checks must be written out to Clear Cut Cincinnati, LLC. If you are a member and receive recurring services, you have the option to set up monthly charges, otherwise you will be expected to make all payments immediately upon receipt. We do not accept cash payments at the time, unless you are tipping your cleaner directly. You will be sent an invoice before your service starts and are expected to pay it immediately after your service is completed. After 24 hours of nonpayment, you will be expected to pay a $10 fee each day your bill is not paid. After 30 days of nonpayment your bill will be sent to collections. All non-related service fees will be calculated and sent on a separate invoice and is expected to be paid immediately upon receipt.

No refunds

The Customer will be assumed to have accepted the service performed unconditionally unless a claim that the service is not properly completed, in which Clear Cut Cincinnati staff is responsible for returning within 24 hours of the initial service date.

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