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Customize Your Needs

Clear Cut Cincinnati, LLC is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. Take a look below to find out what specific needs you have outside of our full packages, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.



Must be properly prepared for deep cleaning or carpet cleaning services

1/1 basic clean $250       1/1 deep clean $300      2/2 basic clean $290       2/2 deep clean $350        3/2.5 basic clean $390      3/2.5 deep clean $445       4/3 basic clean $490      4/3 deep clean $520      5/3.5 basic clean $550       5/3.5 deep clean $600      Price may vary depending on additional bathrooms, rooms or services. 

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Full kitchen basic clean $90

Full kitchen deep clean $190

Stovetop $25

Stovetop&oven $80

Countertops $18

Cabinets/drawers exterior $30

Cabinets/drawers exterior&interior $50

Refrigerator exterior $12

Refrigerator and freezer interior $85

Microwave interior & exterior $25

Dish washing $25 per load

Dishwasher loading $25 per load

Light fixtures dusted $7 per room

Dishwasher cleaning $40


Full bathroom basic clean $95

Half bathroom basic clean $80

Full bathroom deep clean $120

Half bathroom deep clean $100

Bathtub/shower wall cleaning $20 (deep scrub $2 more)

Sink $17

Mirrors $2

Toilet cleaning $18 (deep scrub $12)

Cabinet/drawer cleaning $25

Living room/ Dining Room/ Bedrooms:

Full living room basic clean $40

Full living room deep clean $50

Full bedroom basic clean $70

Full bedroom deep clean $80

Dusting $15 per room

Polishing $25 per room

Sheet changing $30

Bed making $30

Light organizing $20-$25 per room 

Trash removal $10-$30 per room 

Mirrors $2 each

Vacuum Furniture $16 each for couches

$10 each for chairs 

Table & chairs (up to 5 chairs) wipe down $24

Closet organizing $70 

Stairway clean up $30 per section

Laundry room: 

Full laundry room basic clean $45

Full laundry room deep clean $75

Wipe down washer and dryer $18

Laundry (wash, dry, fold) $50 per load 


Full basement basic clean $200

Full basement deep clean $250

Cobweb removal $95 


Light switch and outlets $10 per room

Baseboards $18 per room

Doors and door frames $10 per room

Vacuuming $30 per room 

Sweeping $50 per room

Mopping $60 per room

Carpet cleaning $.40 cents per square foot or $200 per room

Interior trash can $70

Porch/patio sweep $40

Post-infestation clean up (bed bugs, roaches, rodent feces) $TBD

Bio secretion clean up $TBD

Patio door interior/exterior $18

Small office basic clean $85

Large office basic clean $150

Disinfecting $35 per room

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